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Annual Chapter dues: $15 ● Annual National dues: $45

Local Dues
If you are a WCS animal keeper, intern, or volunteer, you are welcome to join NYC AAZK any time of the year. Local dues may be paid one of three ways:


Check made out to NYC AAZK sent by snail mail to:
2300 Southern Boulevard
Bronx, New York 10460

Cash or check made out to NYC AAZK at the next event, fundraiser, or meeting.

The chapter charter is renewed every March. We do not prorate membership.

National Dues 
All NYC AAZK chapter members must also be a paid National AAZK member.

To pay National AAZK dues go to:

Then, email a copy of the PayPal receipt to

Along with being a member of an internationally known professional organization, our chapter’s members receive many benefits, both locally and nationally.Highlights include $7,250 in grants, discounted or free admission to events, members-only access to online materials, and much more!
NYC AAZK Chapter Benefits (*member only benefits)
·         Eligible to enter the annual photo contest
·         Invitation to fundraisers, presentation nights, and WCS panel discussions
·         Networking and workshop opportunities
·         Volunteer opportunities outside the WCS
·         Discounted or free admission to events and fundraisers*
·         Eligible for annual $1,000 travel grant Due: April 1*
·         Eligible for annual $250 National AAZK Conference grant Due: July 1*
·         Free food and drinks at events and fundraisers*
·         Free submissions in the annual photo contest*
·         Hold officer position or serve on a committee*

Ways to earn your National membership dues ($45) back from the chapter
·         Be the members that attends the most events and fundraiser in the calendar year
·         Bring the most non-members selected events and fundraisers (will be noted on specific event flyer)
·         Publish an article in the National publication: Animal Keeper Forum

National AAZK Membership Benefits
·         Access to an interactive peer-to-peer online learning environment for communication, spreading ideas, sharing resources, discussing topics, and learning. The site offers more than 200 self-directed courses in every topics ranging from species specific husbandry to fundraising to customer service. This has an additional cost of $25/year, which may be covered by NYC AAZK in the future. Email us for details.
·         Animal Keeper Forum (the National publication) subscription
·         Eligible for National travel grant (1 annually): $1,000
·         Eligible for National AAZK/AZA course grant (1 annually): $2,000
·         Eligible for National conservation, preservation, and restoration grant (1 annually): $1,000
·         Eligible for National research grant (2 annually): $1,000
·         Hold office at the Board of Directors level
·         Member rates: conferences, publications, products
·         Members only access on browse, blood born pathogen, toxic plant, zoonotic disease list and guides
·         Members only access on career development, enrichment, husbandry
·         Members only access on past conference proceedings
·         National committee opportunities: awards, behavioral husbandry, conservation, grants, professional development
·         Vote for board elections and conference host