Intrigued by our travel grant, but you're not sure if there are any conferences or workshops that you'd be interested in? Check these out! You are sure to find a great career expanding opportunity in the list below!

2014 Conferences, Courses and Workshops

Jan 18-22 North American Veterinary Community Conference
Jan 27-Feb 6 Brazilian Field Primatology Course
Jan 24-26 Clicker Expo

Feb 5-8  International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators Conference
Feb 26-28 Primate Training and Enrichment Workshop

Mar 10-13 AZVT Focus Group: The Art and Science of Hand-Rearing
Mar 22-28 AZA Mid-Year Meeting
Mar 28-30 Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Marine Mammal Symposium
Mar 28-30 Clicker Expo

Apr 5 Zoobiquity Research Symposium
Apr 6 Intro to Parrot Training
April 6-11 AZA professional training- Animal training
Apr 12-13 Promoting Conservation in Colombia Through Training and Collaboration in Education
April 13-18 ABMA Conference
Apr 26-May 1 AZA professional training- advances in animal keeping
Apr 27-30 International Conference on Environmental Enrichment
Apr 29-May 2 African Painted Dog Conference

May 6-8 Annual Meeting of the US Marine Mammal Commission
May 8-12 Basic and Advanced Training Seminar with Ken Ramirez
May 12-15 AZA Professional Training- Principles of Elephant Management
May 12-14 Marketing Zoo and Aquarium Conference
May 17-22 Conference for the International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine
May 29-31 International Conference on Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals

June 4-8 ABC Dolphin Trainer Academy, Basic
June 9-13 International Gorilla Workshop
June 11-15 ABC Dolphin Trainer Academy, Advanced
June 20-26 International Gorilla Workshop
June 22-28 AMNH Conservation Medicine and Diseases of Amphibians and Reptiles Course

July 16-25 AMNH Herpetology Field Course
July 25-29 American Veterinary Medical Association Annual Convention

Aug 4-7 Symposium on the Conservation and Biology of Tortoises (TSA Conference)
Aug 11-16 International Primatological Society Congress
Aug 14-18 International Marine Conservation Congress
Aug 14-22 AMNH Lepidoptera Course
Aug 31- Sept 4 ABC Dolphin Trainer Academy, Basic

Sept 2-6 Conference of the International Zoo Educators Association
Sept 6-10 ABC Dolphin Trainer Academy, Advanced
Sept 8-12 AAZK Conference
Sept 10-15 International Flamingo Symposium
Sept 10-15 The Assoc of Zoo Vet Technicians Conference
Sept 12-17 AZA Conference
Sept 12-15 Meeting of the American Society of Primatologists
Sept 13-18 IMATA Conference

Oct 5-8 Elephant Managers Association  Conference
Oct 6-9 Orangutan SSP Husbandry Workshop and Conservation Summit
Oct 8-11 Advancing Bear Care
Oct 13-16 Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference
Oct 23-26 World Congress on Controversies Debates and Consensus in Veterinary Medicine

Nov 1 Zoobiquity Conference
Nov 2-6 World Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conference
Nov 10-13 Zoological Association of America National Conference
Nov 12-19 IUCN World Parks Congress

May 24-28 International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE)
Sept- International Conference on Behavior, Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife
Sept 17-21 AZA Conference

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