National Zoo Keeper Week: Bronx Zoo

National Zoo Keeper Week 2014 is coming!

Have any ideas for The Bronx Zoo? Email today with your suggestions. Planning is now year round and we want your input!

National Zoo Keeper Week 2013 was a HUGE success at the Bronx Zoo! The weeklong event included:

Keeper profiles featuring peer-nominated keepers from around The Bronx Zoo animal departments that were displayed in the Executive Dining Room during the week.

Keeper chats in front of the animal exhibits presented by keepers and featuring either enrichment demos or detailed animal talks.

Member’s Night informational table included “Dress Like a Keeper,” enrichment creation station, and coloring pages. Keepers were on hand to explain to the public what they do with the WCS at work every day and what NYC AAZK does year round.

A Silent auction was held in the Executive Dining Room during the week and raised over $1,000 for NYC AAZK to continue holding events and fundraisers into 2014. Thank you to all who donated to the auction and those who bid on items!